Ruler: Duchess Antar’keth’jaal’ipeldri clan Ju’kep’tri’ves
Seat: Shinning Palace

Ju’shal’long has a tropical climate. Largely, the island consists of woods and prairies with a large chain of mountains running the entire length of the island.

Dal’jun – located in the Shenju province on Ju’shal’long. Like most buildings constructed by the Shai’then, the buildings are constructed out of stone. Here, the buildings are made of white stone to help keep the insides cool as Shenju province is the most central province and has the hottest temperatures. The buildings average a height of three stories. The exception to this is the Shinning Palace which stands at a massive eight stories.

Ter’hezed provincial capital: Te’math.
Constructed similarly to Dal’jun, but without the Shinning Palace. It’s also known for its music and textiles.

Alteth provincial capital: Gane’that.
The buildings here are largely made of lighter materials like wood given the province’s geological instabilities. They don’t make large cities here as a result. Anything larger than Gane’that would be insane to rebuild after a large earthquake. This province is known for its poets. It’s also the place where the Shai’then ship fleet is constructed.

Shei’lar provincial capital: Al’terath.
The buildings here are like those found in Dal’jun. The provincial administration building is located at the heart of the city and stands at six stories tall as no building can be taller than the Shinning Palace. The other buildings in town are only two or three stories at most. Building materials vary from simple brick to stone in various colors.

Mne’shan provincial capital: Chu’long.
This is the most unique province in the empire and is the only one with permission to build buildings taller than the Shinning Palace. If they didn’t have this permission, no one would be able to live there as the province is covered in trees. All buildings are up in the tree tops. The Shai’then believe these trees to be sacred and so will only cut them down if the need is great enough, such as a sick tree in danger of infecting the others or needing to prune the woods down in some areas to let the other trees grow taller and stronger. Wood from Mne’shan province is very expensive and is generally reserved for use by Empress Hihaye first, the Duchess second, and everyone else who can afford it after that.