Common Traits: horse bodies with human torsos, a single horn sprouting from their foreheads.
Their equine bodies have a shorter back than what you’d find on a horse. They’re only a little taller than an average human, so you couldn’t comfortably use one as a mount. They have cloven hooves.

Centauricorn Herds are distinguished from each other by their unique features. The Fire Valley Herd, for example, have reddish bodies and lighter toned feathering on their legs. Sundance Herd, on the other hand, has no feathering and are light grey to white in colour.

A centauricorn’s diet involves a lot of meat–primarily mutton–fruit, and bread. They consider shellfish to be a delicacy. Centauricorn eat socially but they don’t stand too close to each other as they consider that to be rude.

Centauricorn are, on average, a little taller than most humans. They don’t do a lot of sitting or lying down. Most of their furniture is designed to be roughly level with the middle of their humanoid torso. They can use human furniture although they feel as though they’re using things made for children.

Centauricorns were generally trustworthy and kept any secret they were told.