Name: Cory Davis
Gender: female
Age: 23
Birthday: August 28
Blood Type:
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Appearance: Cory has short, boy cut brown hair. Only the short length of bang curling around her jaw makes her look at all like a girl. She’s fairly flat in the chest and boyish looking with very little in the way of curves. She wears glasses. She could wear contacts, but she doesn’t want to be bothered (besides, anything dealing with eyes really freaks her out). Her eyes are blue..
Clothing style: Cory mostly wears overalls and plain t-shirts with high top sneakers and ankle socks. In short, she’s a pretty plain dresser.
Personality: She’s pretty quiet, keeping to herself mostly.
Family: Dr. Eleanor Davis, Dr. Ryan Davis
School: Goshen Elementary, Utopia Junior High, Elysium Valley High, Stargazer University
History: Her parents both work as doctors at the hospital.
She lives in apartment 507



Sehashi Item

Type: pendant
Shape: shield
Material: Agate with silver
Origin: antique store






Food: meatballs
Gemstone: Charoite (enhance self-esteem, accelerate spiritual growth, and improve the ability to love)
Flower: none (she’s not really into flowers)
Color: light green
Activities: reading newspapers/watching the news (current events fascinate her),


Food: soup
Gemstone: ruby
Flower: none (she’s not really into flowers)
Color: red
Activities: optometrist visits


Code Name: Shield
Primary Color: sky blue
Secondary Color: pale yellow
Power Type: protection
Spirit Guardian: Peltoren


Dream Shield
Second Sight Activate
Eternal Dream Shield
Snow Crystal Strike
Glacial Wind Strike:  a blast of frigid air
Icicle Barrage
Sapphire Rain: surprisingly sharp droplets of water
Passionate Rain Slash: utilizes her talisman; The blade of her Talisman sweeps in an outward arc. In its wake, water surges outward.
Reflection of Courage
Boreal Carillon
Aegis Frozen Spike