Name: Jin Ae Song
Pronunciation: jin eh song
Meaning: truth; treasure and love
Nationality: Korean
Gender: female
Age: 25
Blood Type:
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Appearance: Stands at 5’9” tall with short, wavy black hair and blue-green eyes.
Clothing style: Her favorite outfit is along pale blue short sleeved dress and lavender vest.
Family: older sister, Hyun Ae
School: Khun Lun HS, Rising Star University College
History: Originally from the town of Lanigan, Manitoba, she and her sister were chased out of town by a creature that killed their family. They spent five weeks on the run before eventually arriving in Amulet, Saskatchewan. There they met up with Corentin and Dumia and killed the creature.
The Song family had been Sehashi for generations

Sehashi Item

Type: bracelet
Shape: oval
Material: Chrysoprase, silver chain
Origin: gift from her aunt


Food: pears, Spanish rice, Korean BBQ
Gemstone: Morganite (divine love, emotional healing)
Flower: Wisteria (steadfast)
Color: lavender, grey


Food: kimchi, pizza, sushi
Gemstone: Rhodonite (purpose, generosity, contribution)
Flower: orange blossom (fertility)
Color: yellows and pinks


Code Name: Typhoon
Primary Color: purple
Secondary Color: green
Power Type: oceans


Sparkling Tsunami
Emerald Rumbling Wave
Kunzite Flood

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