Name: Hyun Ae Song
Pronunciation: HYOON eh Song
Meaning: wise and loving
Nationality: Korean
Gender: female
Age: 27
Blood Type:
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Appearance: Her hair is naturally black, but she dyes her hair green. She’s not as tall as her younger sister, standing at 5’6”.
Clothing style:
Personality: The opposite of her sister, Hyun Ae is very open and social. She hates to buy clothing as she prefers to make everything herself. It’s less expensive and she can have things that she likes completely and that fit perfectly.
Strengths: design
Weaknesses: clothing and fabric
Family: younger sister Jin Ae
School: none
History: Originally from the town of Lanigan, Manitoba, she and her sister were chased out of town by a creature that killed their family. They spent five weeks on the run before eventually arriving in Amulet, Saskatchewan. There they met up with Corentin and Dumia and killed the creature.
The Song family had been Sehashi for generations




Sehashi Item

Type: pendant
Shape: diamond
Material: Rhodocrosite pendant, gold chain
Origin: gift from her Grandma Song




Food: French food
Gemstone: opal
Flower: carnation
Color: pastels
Activities: sewing, making patterns, fabric shopping


Food: pancakes
Gemstone: garnet
Flower: vines
Color: somber colours
Activities: clothes shopping




Code Name: Vega
Primary Colour: lavender
Secondary Colour: dusty pink
Power Type: space


Midnight Twist
Midnight Time Twist
Vega Star Burst
Quartz Shower