Name: Dumia Heart
Pronunciation: doo ME ah
Gender: female
Age: 17
Birthday: December 31
Blood Type:
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Appearance: She is petite in build and stands at 5’7”. After her height was reduced, she stood at 4’7” and looked as though she was 14 instead of 20. She has long red hair and blue eyes. Her hair is always worn loose, but she occasionally wears hair clips, barrettes, and hair bands for decoration.
Clothing style: long skirts and blouses
Personality: Dumia is usually a level-headed person. She’s a little slow to trust others. She won’t make promises she can’t keep. She’s got a fairly large ego and as such it’s hard for her to apologize to people.
Strengths: honesty
Weaknesses: apologies, trust
School: Khun-Lun High
History: Her school was attacked by something that looked kind of like a mutant rat. It crashed through the gym wall during the monthly assembly. It took her and Storm a little bit to figure out who the other was, but eventually they got coordinated and starting trying to figure things out.


Sehashi Item

Type: necklace
Shape: shaped like her symbol
Material: braided silk cord with a Variscite pendant
Origin: unknown




Food: Thai food
Gemstone: amber
Flower: peach blossoms
Color: dark blues
Activities: shopping



Food: Mexican
Gemstone: jade
Flower: lilac
Color: chartreuse and lime green
Activities: long car rides
School Subject: world history


Code Name: Silence
Primary Colour: light green
Secondary Colour: blue
Power Type: sound






Silent Wave: An invisible wave of energy that smashes into her target
Silent Wall Shatter
Silent Cry Echo
Agate Shockwave: She swings her talisman and slams the blade against the ground, yelling, “Agate Shockwave!” A growing wave of greenish energy ripples out from where the tip of her blade hits the ground.





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