Now that the year is officially over, I can take a proper look back at what i read last year. I started using a book tracking spreadsheet. It helped me look at what I’ve spent on books, what I saved by using the library system, and what my page count/hours listened were. You can see my Goodreads challenge here.

Books read: *102/100 

  • Audio – 35
  • eBook – 10
  • Physical – 57

Pages read: 13,226
Hours listened: 
Most books read: March (20)
Indie/self pub books: 47
Trad pub books: 55
Debut authors: 11
Read before:
New to me:
Average Rating: 4.3
DNFs: 1
Average time to finish a book: 8 days


  • Adult – 62
  • Middle Grade – 22
  • YA – 18

Series Stats

  • Companion novels – 3
  • Part of a series – 82
  • Standalone – 13
  • Unknown – 4 (not sure if these books were part of a series or standalones)


  • Fantasy – 54 (52.9%)
  • Anthology – 2
  • Graphic Novel – 38 (37.3%)
  • Magical Realism 3
  • Sci-fi – 5

*Some of these books were anthologies, so the actual count of individual books is higher. I’m also not counting the 3 books I proofread as that wasn’t reading for fun.

Looking at all these stats, there are some interesting things. I read almost as many indie books as I did trad, although the vast majority of my trad books were graphic novels, which I can, on average, read in a day as opposed to novels which take longer. I also read a lot of books published in the last couple years.


This graph is of special interest to me. I’ve always thought of myself as almost entirely reading fantasy with the odd sci-fi on the side. I think for next year I need to be more consistent with categorizing books, but I was pleasantly pleased by how much broader my reading was last year.

Favourite Books

With so many books read, this is hard to pick.  Hands down, the book that had the most impact on me was Dragon Mage by M.L Spencer. It was my second longest audiobook of the year at 27 hours and I loved every second of it. I’m really excited that it has a sequel coming out at some point.

Other Notable Books

Most surprising:  The Assassin of Grins and Secrets by K.E Andrews
Longest read: Dragon’s Blade Trilogy by Michael R Miller
Best Standalone: The Sword of Kaigen by M.L. Wang
Best Series: The Bound and the Broken by Ryan Cahill
Best Audiobook: The Legend of Black Jack by A.R Witham
Best Trad Pub: The Stardust Thief by Chelsea Abdullah

This was a year of fantastic books, all with their own merits. There are so many more I’m looking forward to in 2023. Looks like its going to be another great year for reading.