Name: Danika Green
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: April 23
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Appearance: Danika is very tall for a girl, standing at 5’10” and weighing in at 150 lbs as she’s very slight in build for her height. She has short brown hair with a long section of bangs that have been dyed green. She has green eyes.
Clothing style: Danika likes trendy clothes that show off her figure. Both of her ears are pierced even though typically you can only see her left ear. She generally wears two gold hoops in her ears: one in the lobe and one at the top part of the ear.
Personality: She is a very tough, assertive, and in your face kind of person. She’s pushy, bossy, likes to get her own way and is very good at getting it. She’s very competitive and tends to be a bit arrogant about her level of skill at things she enjoys or is good at. She is very passionate about things she likes and reacts very badly to those who back talk those things she’s passionate about. She takes school and her hobbies very seriously. She loves animals, especially cats, but isn’t too crazy about dogs.
Her sense of humor is really odd. It’s a bizarre blend of a very, dry, sick, twisted, and casual sense of humor. She’s terrified of heights.
Strengths: Adapting to unusual situations, thinking on her feet. 
Weaknesses: compassion and empathy (qualities that she lacks and therefore has no idea what the deal is with them) 
Family: she’s an only child and her parents are divorced
School: Elysium Valley High School
History: She’s a bit of a local celebrity; she auditioned for a spot on Idol Search, a popular reality show. Not only did she get on but she won, earning herself a recording contract.

Food: chicken fingers with sweet and sour sauce 
Gemstone: emerald 
Flower: snapdragon 
Color: white, purple, blue, green
Activities: star watching, cats, dragons, Ancient History, Ancient Writing, gym

Food: fish, mushrooms, cheese, and bread 
Gemstone: diamonds and similar stones
Flower: orchid
Color: neon colours
Activities: literature

Code Name: Draco
Primary Color: blue
Secondary Color: purple
Power Type: Fire with powers coming from music 
Disguise Item: As Danika, she wears a wide metallic bracelet on her right wrist that attaches to a ring on her middle finger by a thin chain. The ring is set with a green stone. When worn, this hides her true form, making her appear to be a normal human being. 
Appearance Change: Draco is not human; her species are called Dralaar and they come from a planet called Sha’haal which orbits the star Thuuban. Dralaari have a resemblance to the dragons of Earth mythology. They have clawed feet, wings, and a long, powerful tail. Draco’s hair becomes much longer in the back and what was brown in her human form is now a lighter shade of green than her bangs. Her earrings vanish. Her wings are non-functional as she is still fairly young for her species and her wings haven’t finished growing yet. The leathery part of her wings is a pale blue that will darken as her wings grow with age. 
Weapon: The Celestial Glaive


Name of Power: Fierce Dragon Illuminate 
Power Type: Offensive
Description: This attack sends a shower of lightning sparks at the enemy from her outstretched hands.

Name of Power: Divine Punishment! 
Power Type: Destructive
Description: She holds the Glaive in front of her, eyes closed. The blade glows and she stretches it up above her head, still in front of her. It reaches a pinnacle and she lowers the point to the ground. A slight flute like sound can be heard as she swings it around her head, then the glowing blade sends a burst of light at the enemy, vaporizing it