Name: Ari Fixsen
Gender: male
Age: 23
Birthday: August 30
Blood Type: B
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Appearance: Ari has short brown hair and brown eyes. He has a fairly muscular build, standing at 6’1’’and has short brown hair and brown eyes. Generally speaking, he has a very gentle face and is easy to talk to, but when he remembers the past, he looks very moody and pained.
Clothing style: He likes to wear plaid shirts and brown corduroy pants.
Personality: He’s very easy going with a good head on his shoulders. He’s very responsible and a good leader.
Strengths: he’s a born leader
Weaknesses: directions, navigating
Family: Nakerr Firekeeper/SunStar – mother
Yosayna Brightmoon/SirenMoon – Aunt by marriage
Kamneri Brightmoon/Fireball – Uncle
Yanehr Firekeeper/Flare – father




Planet of origin: Taleer
Race: Roshen
Real name: Dralden Firekeeper/Wildwind
Rank: Prince
Notes: He changed his last name in memory of his dead friend Tantelren Wildwind, a fellow sehashi who was also his best friend.




Food: tacos, pizza (simple, easy foods that you can eat while doing other things)
Gemstone: Fire Opal (brings out spontaneous action, initiates new ideas, stimulates enthusiasm, acts as a magnet to draw in money or customers to a business)
Flower: Dogwood (love undiminished by adversity) and Forget-Me-Not (true love, memories)
Color: Plaids, brown, green
Activities: gym, cooking, racing, animals


Food: rice, soup (rice is boring and tasteless and soup is something you only eat when you’re sick, so eating it while healthy reminds you of being sick)
Gemstone: Pearl
Flower: Peach Blossom (I am your captive)
Color: red, yellow, pink (red looks bad on him and he sees so much pink and yellow in dealing with the twins that he’s learned to dislike them)
Activities: history


Code Name: Melomi
Primary Color: red
Secondary Color: silvery grey
Power Type: sunlight


Sun Beam: Blinds an enemy
Sheratan Fire Burn: Sends a beam of fire shaped like a charging lion at the enemy.

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