Name: Eglantine Roux
Gender: female
Age: 15
Birthday: January 16
Blood Type: B 
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn 
Appearance: 5’6’’, 115 lbs with smoke grey eyes and short red hair partially tied up into pig tails on the sides of her head. The part not tied up goes not quite to her shoulders. Her eyes are grey.
Clothing style: Eglantine doesn’t make much of a fuss over what she wears, preferring comfortable jeans and t-shirts. Most of her shirts have unicorns on them. She is aware that her choices in clothing are viewed as childish and she doesn’t understand why humans view unicorns and such as stupid and juvenile. It hurts her deeply when people say that. She also really hates shoes and wears them only when she has to, such as at school or out shopping. Socks don’t bother her as much, though.
Personality: She doesn’t like to sit around and would prefer to stand or walk around. Classrooms are a form of torment to her. She started ballet to give her something to do and has turned it into a lifestyle. She dances because she enjoys it. She is one of Danika’s backup dancers when she’s doing a performance
Strengths: Agility
Weaknesses: not very strong 
Family: unknown
School: Khun Lun High School





Food: health foods
Gemstone: Amethyst
Flower: Baby’s Breath
Color: pastels
Activities: gym, art


Food: anything greasy
Gemstone: multicoloured gems
Flower: Clover
Color: brown
Activities: history


Code Name: Monoceros
Primary Color: Tan
Secondary Color: Lavender
Power Type: Air with powers coming from innocence 
Disguise Item: She wears a silver ring set with a purple stone on the index finger or her left hand. As with Danika, should this ring be removed she will revert to her natural form.
Appearance Change: Monoceros is a member of the Ikaashiran species from the planet Braihi in orbit around Procyon. She has hooves instead of feet, a horse-like tail, and a horn in the middle of her forehead. Her ears are in the same place as a humans but the shape is distinctly different. In her particular case, her hair and tail are lavender coloured and her horn is black (a very unusual colour).
Weapon: She has a metal wand that resembles a gymnastic ribbon. In reality, the ‘ribbon’ part is a cleverly segmented piece of metal that is quite sharp if it hits you the right way. 


Ribbon Strike 
Dance Step Repeat:
 After saying this, Monoceros starts to dance. Any enemy affected by her attack is compelled to imitate her. The results can often be quite entertaining.