Name: Melanthe Black
Gender: female
Age: 17
Birthday: June 15
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Appearance: She’s 5’6″ and quite thin and weighs only 135 lbs. She has light blue eyes and black hair. Her hair is always tied up in a pony tail with a red bow. Her eyes look like those of a snake and creep people out.
Clothing style: She likes to wear cargo pants and tank tops with high heeled boots. She prefers colours that are a little bit muted but not too much. She hates shiny fabrics. 
Personality: She’s a tough girl with a low tolerance for stupidity. She’s very blunt and straightforward whenever she has to talk to people. She prefers to keep to herself but can often be seen around Danika and will tolerate Eglantine for short periods of time. She loves art, but hates art as a subject in school, as she prefers to be creative on her own time rather than being forced to do so. She has a habit of watching people, constantly scrutinizing them, which doesn’t help dispel the thought that she’s somewhat creepy.
Strengths: Creativity 
Weaknesses: anything physical 
School: Khun Lun High
History: Melanthe herself is from the small town of Gibbons–located 1/2 hour north of Edmonton. She received a scholarship to study in Elysium Valley. She was badly injured in a car accident as a child and has been physically weak ever since, susceptible to illness and easily injured. She has to wear makeup to give her skin some color; otherwise, she’d resemble a walking corpse. Her love of art came from learning to apply makeup in her early years. Despite her love of art, she despises art classes at school, seeing them as being far too restrictive.


Food: Chicken curry
Gemstone: diamond (The essence of stars, diamonds connect us to light and the higher realms)
Flower: Forget-me-not (True love, Memories)
Color: green, blue, gold 
Activities: cooking

Food: pork
Gemstone: dark stones
Flower: white lily 
Color: white
Activities: art

Code Name: Ophiuchus
Primary Colour: green
Secondary Colour: brass
Power Type: Soul, with powers coming from wisdom and balance 
Disguise Item: She wears a green choker with a golden sphere pendant. If removed, she will revert to the more humanoid of her two forms. 
Appearance Change: Ophiuchus is a Nagi, one of the serpent people of the planet Zarass’ahan around the star Rasalhague. Her specific subspecies are blue in colouration with a medium Caucasian skin tone. As such, her hair tone becomes blue rather than black. Only the sehashi among her race have the ability to take on a two legged form although the tail remains. It’s seen a sign of great power when they manage to do it. It’s understandably exhausting to maintain that form. Ophiuchus really doesn’t like doing it though she does admit that it’s sometimes more convenient than her natural form. When rendered unconscious without her choker on, she automatically reverts to the half serpent form. 
Weapon: The Serpentarius is a hereditary weapon, passed down among the sehashi of her family line.


Name of Power: Serpent Twist 
Power Type: Offensive
Description: A green serpent made out of energy comes out of the ground and wraps around the target, giving them a shock 

Name of Power: Serpent Staff Hypnosis
Power Type: Defensive
Description: Holding her staff above her head, she says the words and her eyes turn green and snake like and begin to glow, as do the eyes of the serpents on her staff. Anyone who looks into the eyes will be paralyzed until eye contact is broken. This attack will ensnare both friend and foe.
Note: Without the staff, she is still capable of mesmerizing people with her eyes. It’s not as effective and she can’t hold people for long but she can do it. It can cause her some severe headaches if she does it too often. It’s a natural ability of her people and is used in dominance competitions.
Name of Power: Serpentarius Soul Healing
Power Type: Healing