Name: Yan Diamono
Gender: male
Age: 23
Blood Type:
Zodiac Sign:
Appearance: Long messy black hair and green eyes. His eyes are his predominant feature. He’s half Chinese, half Italian. He considers his looks to be his best physical characteristic. He also tends to be mistaken for a girl. People think he’s a bit of an airhead and a loner. He really is quite intelligent and he is rather anti-social. His most prized possession is his dance shoes. He’s often told that he reads and dances too much and doesn’t train hard enough or study enough.
Clothing style: He likes to wear anything that he can move in easily. He hates suits because they’re uncomfortable and restrictive. He does wear an earring in his left ear and will occasionally wear a chain or two.
Personality: Yan is perpetually grouchy as if he wasn’t getting enough sleep, though that’s only partially true. He is somewhat of an insomniac, but he does get some sleep each night.
Strengths: dancing, memorization
Weaknesses: sitting still, sleep
Family: mom, dad
School: Valley Preschool, Elysium Valley High
Yan is half Chinese on his mother’s side. His mom is third generation Chinese-Canadian and his dad’s family has been in Canada even longer than that. He has little interest in his Chinese heritage and can’t read or speak any of the language. The most Chinese thing about him is his face and some of his food preferences, although that last one has nothing to do with his heritage.
His biggest achievement was winning the part of the Nutcracker in the ‘Nutcracker Suite’. Before graduating from EVHS, he was granted a scholarship to study dance. He chose to attend Stargazer University as he’d get further on the scholarship. Yan’s parents own many restaurants, including the Southside Café and the Bronze Lantern.
In high school, he worked for the yearbook as it allowed him to exercise his photography skills. He tolerates things like science and social studies as science at least had some relevance to dancing (muscle movements and such) and social studies helped him learn about the cultures behind the dancing he loved so much.
He’s known Kousei and Teir since they were in preschool.
Yan prefers boys to girls. He can find girls pretty, but has no interest in relationships with them. He’s known since elementary about his preferences. Kousei, Teir, and Yan’s father are the only people who know. He suspects that Manda knows, but she hasn’t said anything. He prefers to stay in the closet for now.
On his father’s side, he has a cousin named Manda who is the lead singer/bassist of a band called Eternity. Her stage name is Aeon.
He likes to dance. His parents encourage him to do so as it keeps him active and out of trouble. Male dancers are in high demand so he feels it’s a good career. Once he’s done dancing on stage, he plans to teach, adjudicate at competitions, and he has photography as a backup. His mom is an obsessive planner and it’s rubbed off on him. His teacher is Ms. Allison.
He dislikes strong language.



Sehashi Item

Type: watch







Food: Cereal, especially sweet, sugary ones
Gemstone: Malachite (protection, power, peace, love, and success in business)
Flower: spider plant
Color: light green (growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety.), grey (cool, conservative, cloudy, moody)
Activities: dancing and reading
Subject: Gym, Dance, photography


Food: pork, street food
Gemstone: garnet
Flower: tiger lily and hybrid flowers
Color: yellow
Activities: shopping, math, science, street festivals
Subject: Understanding Literature, English


Code Name: Phantom
Primary Color: green
Secondary Color: cream
Power Type: soul


Life Force Revive
Eternal Spirit Ball
Ghostly Apparition
Peridot Scream
Soul Tempest

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