Name: Ember Dragon
Gender: female
Age: 23
Birthday: March 23
Blood Type: AB
Zodiac Sign:
Appearance: Her long reddish-black hair hangs down to her waist and is tied into a pony tail. Her eyes are pitch black. She’s tall, standing at 5’8’’ and slim yet muscular.
Clothing style: She likes to wear a pair of short red cut-offs, a white tank top, and knee high black boots with a red denim jacket. She also wears a strange ring on her wedding finger. It’s a silvery color with a blood red stone set into the center of a rose. If you were to watch it closely, you’d see that it pulses in time with her heartbeat. It’s frequently a good indicator of what her mood is.
Personality: What is there to say about Ember? She’s very focused and doesn’t like to socialize much. She’s hot tempered, but cold at the same time. She’s very private, preferring to not talk about herself too much. This is as much a cultural trait of the people on her planet as it is a personality trait. She has a tendency to not like being around people. She just wants to get their mission over with so that they can go home. She has a tendency to leave and go off on her own without giving any notice whatsoever. She’s the leader of the Guardians and gets along fairly well with the others. To the sol system sehashi, she’s cold and aloof. She has a strong dislike for men due to past trauma, so she has a habit of ignoring men.
Strengths: fighting
Weaknesses: boys, romance, nice guitars
Family: Hashaare’n ii Kantahar – her mother
Chanse’iki ni Jalan – her father
Hinal’a ii Kantahar – elder sister
Tanlek’o ii Kantahar – Hinal’a’s daughter
Jarele’yen ii Kantahar – Hinal’a’s son
Aoden Dragon/Yulan’iki ii Kantahar– twin brother, older by one hour
School: Stargazer University
Magic Item: Silver disguise necklace, set with star shaped star ruby with her symbol etched into it
History: Shortly after her arrival, Kousei Prince developed an attachment to her, which proved to be not to her liking at all.
She is the leader of the Guardians and doesn’t really like people all that much. She has difficulties trusting others, especially men. StarFire will remain friends with the sehashi until her objective is completed: defeat An’ei Souku. After that, who knows what she’ll do.
Her sehashi name before becoming a Guardian was Ember. Her Earth name of Ember Dragon is a combination of her old name and the sehashi name of her fiancée.



Planet of origin: Nomaie
Race: Nomaien
Real name: Jalon’g ii Kantahar
Meaning: dawn star from fire heart
Rank: Princess
Notes: She was in love with a man named Seikou, the Sehashi warrior known as Dragon. She gets her Earth last name from his Sehashi name.





Food: spring rolls(they taste good and make a good snack)
Gemstone: Star ruby (an inner fire that could not be concealed, power, contentment, peace, protection, friendship, and love), Sunstone (Protective stone, Aries birthstone, bringing life and abundance to those fortunate enough to carry/wear it), Garnet (luck in love and friendship, keep the enemies away from their owners, normalize the blood pressure and help during fibrillation)
Flower: red rose (Love, Respect, I love you ), because they remind her of Seikou
Color: blue (health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness), Red (Red is the symbol of life, strength, vitality and the physical nature. In nature, the color red is associated with heat, fire, anger. For healing, red is excellent in all blood deficiency diseases such as anemia, in deficient nutrition, depression, or lethargy), black (power, elegance, formality, death, evil, and mystery)
Activities: guitar, singing, song writing, gym (it gives her a non-sehashi related way to burn off energy, anger, and frustration)


Food: fish because of its nasty texture and taste and asparagus because she doesn’t like the bitterness of it
Flower: carnations (not because of any meaning but because they look stupid and she sees them as a cheap substitute for roses, meaning to her that the sentiment behind them is cheap and fleeting)
Color: pink and bright yellow (cheerful colors make her nauseous)
Activities: math (numbers bore her to tears and she’s not very good at it either)


Code Name: Starfire
Primary Color: red
Secondary Color: white
Power Type: fire


Nomaie Flaming Disk: This attack sends circles or flames at the enemy
Flaming Circle Rise: A circle of flame appears around the enemy
Fire Blaze: Grants her temporary control over the element of fire
Eternal Fire Cleansing: Returns a monster to its original form




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