Name: Indigo Brooks
Gender: female
Age: 23
Birthday: March 4
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Appearance: Serenity has knee length blue-black hair and deep blue eyes. Her eyes always have a sad look to them, making people believe that she is always on the verge of crying. Despite this, she’s a very cheerful person, even though she hides he deeper emotions from others. Physically, Serenity is 5’11’’ and weighs a meager 148 lbs. She’s elegantly slender without any noticeable muscle on her. She’s more power oriented as a sehashi, so she feels no need to bulk up the way Ember and Hunter do.
Clothing style: Typically, she wears a pair of black cut-off shorts, a white tank top, and high top runners. Her nails are painted a dark blue with silver sparkles.
Personality: Always calm and peaceful, serene, which is how she got her Earth name. She is the eldest of the group, and the most magically powerful, even though she can’t heal a monster. Despite being calm on the outside, due to the fickle nature of water, it’s a struggle for her to keep her emotions under control. Bad things happen when she looses control, things like flash floods and other water related disasters directly proportional to the mount of control she’s lost.
She gets along reasonably well with everyone. Ember is her best friend. She’s also distantly related to Janan.
Strengths: Maintaining disguises
Weaknesses: showing emotion
Family: She’s an only child. Her father died when she was young, so it’s just her and her mother Namida Taikai now.
School: Stargazer University
Magic Item: Silver disguise necklace set with a Chrysacolla shaped like a star and etched with her symbol
History: Serenity is also known as the mysterious StarSinger. She is the eldest of the group, and the most magically powerful, even though she can’t destroy a monster. This is attributed to her largely calm and gentle nature. She is the only one of the four that hasn’t suffered a great hardship in her life. She can keep control of her element longer than the others.



Planet of origin: Aiella
Race: Kal’tresh’nal
Real name: Wavesong of Dragon Cove





Food: none (She doesn’t like one thing above all other foods, so she’s not picky about what she eats and can’t be pulled by one particular food or drink on a regular basis.)
Gemstone: sapphire (Pisces birthstone, stone of destiny, mental clarity, perception, will bring out the best within you and help make your dreams come true, luck in romance, bring peace and happiness, relieves mental depression and stimulates motivation and goal orientation; represent faith and hope, help you with heart and stomach and with stimulating the pituitary glands and psychic centers, strengthens the eyes, helps take down fever, and can help with nose bleedings. Good to wear for mental health), chrysacolla (peace, healing and dealing with emotional challenges)
Flower: blue rose because they are rare and not something you see every day
Color: shades of blue (calming and soothing, reminds her of water, youth, spirituality, truth, peace, deals with communication of how we feel and what we think), cyan (stable, calm conservative, life, nature, fertility, well being, restful, balance, harmony), tan
Activities: music (she’s a very musical person), swimming, reading, music


Food: sandwiches (they’re boring)
Gemstone: aquamarine (Piscean birthstone, safety at sea, treasure of the mermaids, a soothing influence on married couples, protects against the wiles of the devil)
Flower: daisy (Innocence, Loyal love, I’ll never tell, Purity ) She dislikes them because they’re plain, cutesy, and common.
Color: neon colors
Activities: gym (she’s not fond of mandatory physical activity being something of a weakling in physical matters)


Code Name: Starwave
Primary Color: dark cyan
Secondary Color: white
Power Type: water


Aiellan Water Dragon: Sends a dragon shaped stream of water to weaken the enemy

Water Wall Surround: Creates a protective barrier of water

Water Rise: Gives her temporary control over the element Water


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