Name: Janan Jasper
Nicknames: Kitten, Haariline
Aliases: Haariline
Gender: female
Age: 23
Birthday: October 13
Blood Type: B
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Appearance: Janan is 5’7’’ and weighs in at around 130 lbs. This weight fluctuates depending on her work schedule. She has raven’s wing black hair worn in varying styles, but usually down,. Her eyes are brown. She’s generally very cute in appearance. As Haariline, her long black hair was done in twin rings on top of her head. Her normally wide and warmly happy brown eyes were narrowed and cold.
Clothing style: She’s a very trendy dresser. As Haariline, her Guardian uniform was replaced by a gray uniform, trimmed in red.
Personality: She tends to be kind of gullible and overly innocent. Sweet and nearly always happy, liked by everyone. She’s the youngest of the four Guardians. She doesn’t have the experience that the others do and as such is more vulnerable to outside influence. Generally, she gets along with everyone.
Strengths: Janan is very optimistic
Weaknesses: Boats, she doesn’t like fighting or any kind of violence and the sight of blood makes her stomach churn
Family: Kinyairi Eldrenaya Ladeth Taliniri Goldenstar/Starshine – mother
Talenkith Goldenstar – father
School: Stargazer University
Magic Item: Silver disguise bracelet set with a teal colored haariline stone shaped like a star and etched with her personal symbol
History: She is the princess of the system the four guardian sehashi come from. Janan herself is an idol, except she’s more an actress than anything else. She is very good friends with Teir. She’s very gentle and cheerful, a lot like Hatemi. She’s friends with Dumia Heart.



Planet of origin: Kinshei
Race: Tora
Real name: Andalrien Lapteth Hofrek Goldenstar
Rank: High Princess





Food: strawberries (sweet)
Gemstone: Topaz (encourage self realization and confidence, impart strength to quiet wild emotions, banish bad dreams)
Flower: Tiger Lily (Wealth, Pride) – they have a pleasant smell
Colour: blue (health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness), grey (formality, mourning, sophistication), yellow (intellect, freshness, and joy)
Activities: art (she has no talent for art, but she likes to play with the art supplies), singing, acting, writing poetry, volleyball, fencing (she idolizes Ember and she fences), and music


Food: eggs (slimy) and sushi (overrated and the texture of raw fish isn’t appealing to her)
Gemstone: Tiger’s Eye – reminds her of her time as Haariline (insight, luck, protection)
Flower: apple blossoms (actually, she’s not really sure why she doesn’t like them, but they just don’t appeal to her at all)
Colour: brown (plain), orange (too bright and hurts her to look at it)
Activities: violence (she’s very gentle), science (seeing as how science is a foreign concept to her home world, which relies on magic, she can’t warp her mind around it)


Code Name: Starwind
Primary Colour: teal
Secondary Colour: white
Power Type: air
Weapon: Justice Blade


Air Whip: A whip like blast of wind hits the enemy. Can be used to grab.

Justice Chain Surround: A chain formed of heart-surrounded Libra-symbols surrounds the enemy and shocks them

Kinshei Truth Reflection: Using the jewel of her sword, she can tell the truth about an enemy

Justice Truth Attack: Using her sword, she emits a beam that completely destroys an enemy

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