Name: Corentin Blair
Pronounced: KOR ahn tun
Gender: male
Age: 25
Blood Type:
Zodiac Sign:
Appearance: He is quite tall, standing at 6’2” with short tawny colored hair and dark brown eyes.
Clothing style: He is a strictly black denim and t-shirt man even though he does look good in a suit and tie.
School: His school history before coming to Elysium is unknown. Khun Lun HS, Rising Star University College
History: His school was attacked by something that looked kind of like a mutant rat. It crashed through the gym wall during the monthly assembly. It took him and Silence a little bit to figure out who the other was, but eventually they got coordinated and starting trying to figure things out.

His only rival in high school was Kousei Prince from EVHS.
He doesn’t often think of his family.
He has some internalized resentment towards his sehashi calling.

Sehashi Item

Type: necklace
Shape: rectangle
Material: Moonstone
Origin: unknown



Food: Italian food
Gemstone: Axinite
Flower: none
Color: black
Activities: basketball


Food: hot dogs
Gemstone: sapphire
Flower: he really doesn’t care enough to dislike any one in particular
Color: red
Activities: reading


Code Name: Storm
Primary Color: blue
Secondary Color: storm grey
Power Type: storms


Lightning Strike
Heavenly Lightning Strike
Rumbling Sky Fury
Hematite Cyclone

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