Path of the Warrior

Author: Melissa Stone
Genre: Fantasy
E-book price: $2.00
Paperback price: $15.99
Pages: 413 (ebook) 290 (paperback)
ISBN: 9780988001527 (ebook), 9781093598056 (paperback)
Publication date: January 01, 2013
Synopsis: Ashrinn Chimekin is an Agent tasked with helping the crew of the Shrike in their pursuit of the rogue Cult of Atraxia. The mission goes awry as the cult members flee Atharia, heading out into deep space. Out of fuel, both ships crash on the unexplored planet of Keverynn. While waiting for rescue, she and the rest of the crew agree to help their new friends in the war against the Darkriders, people who will stop at nothing to gain total control over their world. While scattered to the five major cities, they discover a missing part of Keverynn’s history, one which may turn the tide of the war in their favour.
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Testimonials / reviews

“I love the diverse races in Keverynn and its very culture rich. It’s a beautiful world with many intriguing characters.
– Gaedo (reviewed on iTunes)