Children of the Dragon

Author: Melissa Stone
Genre: Fantasy
E-book price: $7.65
Paperback price: $19.15
Pages: 323 (ebook) 394 (paperback)
Paperback ISBN: 978-1977504913
Publication date: 2021 (Second edition)
SynopsisOrphaned at a young age and taken in by Telvan’s most notorious bandit gang, Kinrou had no real expectations in life. He knew nothing of his past, nor did he care to. Then, one day, with the death of a Dragon Warrior, everything changed.
After a disastrous trip to Karath, he learns of a threat to the peace and safety of An’katerr. Hand picked by the Sky Lords themselves, it’s up to him to stop it if only he can discover what this threat is in time.
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Testimonials / reviews
“A really good read for teens who don’t really like to read. The characters draw you in.”
– Laura Anderson

“This is a great story. I’m truly enjoying reading it…again. You have a book two?”
– Smashwords user review