Sun: Kilphar
Moon: Tiylshan
Religion: polytheistic

Melphor is the third planet in orbit around the golden sun the natives call Kilphar. It is home to a wide range of people. Its singular moon, Tiylshan, has an orbit of 26 days.

During the day, the sun is typically a light blue colour. On rare occasions the moon can be seen. This is seen as an ill omen by the people of the Soulforge Alliance.
The sky is dark at night. The moon has a predictable cycle and is visible most nights. There are numerous stars visible and the people have identified several patterns in these stars.

Climate and Weather

The southern country of Athros and parts of Ayellis are hot and dry. It gets colder the further north you travel. It’s coldest in the Toth mountains, a largely unexplored area to the north of Ardren.
The coastal regions experience violent storms during the summer. Inland, Silvestri is known for its windstorms. Sandstorms are common year round in Athros.
The mainland experiences the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Ju’shal’long has only three: winter, growing, and storm season.


The people of Melphor don’t have the ability to fully map out their world as their naval technology is fairly primitive. Outside of the large continent of Ardren and it’s smaller satellite islands, they know about Ju’shal’long, Keltos, and the unexplored Toth Mountains to the north. There are a few smaller islands just south to those mountains but on all maps these areas are left as simple outlines. They are known to exist but haven’t been explored in any great detail.

Ju’shal’long and Keltos are island nations, although Keltos is believed by the Soulforge Alliance to be uninhabited. Ardren itself is divided up into five countries, though the fifth one is a dead zone and has been since the end of the War of the Roses. Currently, the inhabitable countries are Miltan, Ayellis, Silvestri, and Athros.

The closest thing to a polar region they’re aware of is the Toth Mountains, but it’s not even close. Parts of southern Ardren are equatorial.

There are several large forests.
Some of Keltos and a couple of the smaller islands are tropical.
Large parts of Miltan are grasslands. Silvestri is dominated by grasslands.