Ade’daren – Atharian term; small, long haired sheep–like animals with cloven hooves and white or brown coats
Aether – a broad term generally used to describe magic and the energy used in spellcasting
Agent – Atharian term; shorter and more common term for someone who works at the FRA
Agency – Atharian term; shorthand term for the FRA
Alabaster Concourse – Tula’tevenn Province’s armed forces. They answer to the Ivory Dragonlord
Albescent Company – A Darkrider army made up of people from the Albescent Territory and its native wyvern
Alpunn – dragon species native to Tula’tevenn Province. These dragons have white fur and feathered wings.
Ana–Lashann – Moon of the Dragon; the largest of Keverynn’s three moons and is silver in colour. It has a 32 day cycle
Ana–Leta – Moon of Fire; the smallest of the three moons and is red in color. This moon is visible during the day as well as at nighttime. It has a 19 day cycle.
Ana–Turann – Moon of the Wyvern; the second largest moon and is blue in colour. It has a 25 day cycle.
Aren’march – a city on Atharia
Argent Array – Shu’venath Province’s armed forces. They answer to the Argent Dragonlord.
Asdi – the language spoken by the Nomads
Atal’jeerann – plural form of Tal’jeerann
Atraxia – mother of all Wyvern. She is the patron Deity of the month of Jan’ell. The 11th day is her festival, though only the Darkriders are known to celebrate it. Rather than offend this powerful Deity, those who are not one of the Darkriders light a black candle and place it in the window of their house. No one ventures outdoors on this day as it’s considered bad luck. Hawthorne is her sacred tree. She scorns offerings of oak, ash and birch and prefers a bundle of four good sized sticks of her tree. She most often appears as a golden wyvern.
Athrai’kel – Atharian term; he code of conduct for Atharian doctors
Atramentous Regiment – A Darkrider army made up of people from the Atramentous Territory and its native wyvern
Aurannian Fox – a small, two tailed fox native to Aurann
Auric Troupe – Gira’loyis Province’s armed forces. They answer to the Amber Dragonlord.
Azure Coterie – Ta’lakivor Province’s armed forces. They answer to the Azure Dragonlord.
Azol – a small bird native to Shu’venath Province. Its eggs are often used as food.

Bach’ai – the wolfling language
Brightcaller – sword of office for the Azure Dragonlord
Bruff – Atharian term; a type of noodle

Cacha – a hot beverage that tastes like cinnamon
Central Medical Board (CMB) – Atharian term; the regulatory board for all things medical on Atharia. The regulatory board is staffed by both humans and Swimmers to ensure that the needs of both species are met.
Chalybeous Division – A Darkrider army made up of people from the Chalybeous Territory and its native wyvern

DARD – Atharian term; data access and retrieval device. It’s a portable computer with access to the central information database.
Datroya Plain – Atharian term; a large, mostly barren wasteland that was once full of life. The groundwater there is highly toxic to human life.
Doshann – the siathi language
Dream sticks – Atharian term; made by wrapping a blend of cured herbs in a long, thin roll of brown paper, these are highly addictive and can have mild hallucinogenic effects. The best and most expensive ones are made with fire cured herbs while the cheapest are air cured. Use of these is highly frowned on by the Central Medical Board (CMB) as studies have proved that long term use has been linked to serious health problems. The Agency strictly prohibits use of this drug by any of its members though this policy is difficult to enforce; the herbs used are largely innocuous on their own and it’s only in this particular combination that they become dangerous. The standard forms of drug screening won’t pick up on it. If an Agent is caught using dream sticks, they will be fired. If the infraction is severe enough there may be a fine or even jail time involved.
Drylander – Atharian term; Swimmer term for humans
Dua – Atharian term; word meaning second, a unit of time

First Ones, The – it’s common among dragonriders to swear on or by the first ones. Who they mean by this is a topic of some debate. Some say the ones in question are the first Dragonlords while others insist it refers to the first dragons. Regardless of what a person believes about the origin of the oath, both versions make sense.
Fugitive Recovery Agency (FRA) – an arm of Atharian law enforcement tasked with bringing in fugitives. They emply two types of people: Agents and Enforcers. The FRA is called in when regular law enforcement is unable to apprehend a target. Funds are then allocated to the FRA to pay the bounty. Some targets are specified as needed alive, some may be brought in dead, others it doesn’t matter so long as proof is provided.
Fugitive Recovery Agent – Atharian term; also known as a bounty hunter. Agents are tasked with the job of bringing in their targets. Agents are paid a specific bounty for their targets, hence their nickname.

Gleyarnae – proper name for the five towers at the heart of Salcreria
Greenfruit – Atharian term; an oval shaped fruit that grows on trees. It’s similar to an apple in that its green peel can be eaten but on the inside it’s built more like a lemon. In taste, it’s like a watermelon.

Hebbiqor – Atharian term; a type of large sea dwelling mammal native to Atharia

Itlai – Atharia’s single moon
Ivenkli – these wyvern are native to the Atramentous Territory. In colour, they range from dark grey to pitch black with pale wingsails.

Jahnaman – Atharian term; hell
Jannat – Atharian term; heaven
Jawhua – an old term for the western half of the continent, still in use by the Darkriders and its other residents.

Kaneth – a type of curved sword used by an ancient order that has long since vanished
Ketali – this wyvern species is native to the Rubicund Territory. While primarily red in colour, they occasionally have splotches or speckles of a darker shade on their hide.
Keturi – the name for the masters of the five Towers at the heart of Salcreria. This is a lifelong position.
Khollu – Atharian term; dangerous forest dwelling predator
Klim – Atharian measurement, roughly equivalent to a kilometre
Kullann – theoretical name for a species of purple dragons. Such a thing doesn’t exist.

Lady – Atharian term; common term for the moon, Itlai. The Swimmers refer to the moon as Lady Itlai. Common expletives use the word lady in some manner.

Maester – members of Asharos’s inner circle
Maia Nebula – a stellar object visible from Atharia. It is known by the Horyinn Nomads as the Tent of the Ancestors.
Magcuffs – Atharian term; magnetically locking handcuffs used only by bounty hunters. Each cuff is assigned one controller and will only respond to it and the District’s master controller. Each Agent is assigned only enough cuffs to deal with their current assignment. When their target is apprehended, they turn him or her in with the cuffs attached. They turn over the remote as well as the target.
Mybekli – these green wyvern are native to the Verdigris Territory. Their hides are often a mix of different green tones to help them blend into their surroundings.

Naumda – Formal name for the five provinces, but it’s rarely used
Nectar – an addictive drug made from a flower that grows in Salcreria

Quela – Atharian term; A kind of shark that eats indiscriminately and has been known to turn cannibal. It’s regarded as more of a nuisance and being referred to as one is deeply insulting, especially to the Swimmers.
Qir – unit of measurement; inch
Quita – Atharian term; a small, flying, bloodsucking insect

Rakloli – this species is native to the Claybeous Territory. Of the five wyvern species, theirs is the most consistent in colour, having no natural markings. They run the colour spectrum from medium to dark blue.
Ranikli – native to the Albescent Territory, they’ve been known to cross the river into the eastern range of the Snow Demon Mountains. They range from white to icy blue in colour.
Rescher’s Syndrome – Atharian term; a potentially fatal disease that causes numerous detrimental effects to many organs, especially the brain and liver, as well as causing hypoglycaemia. There is presently no known single cause of the ailment while the symptoms can be treated, there is no known cure. It progresses through five stages and can be fatal at any stage in the illness’ progression. It is similar to Reye’s disease and some scientists believe it to be a mutated form of it.
Rekmar – Atharian standard currency.
Reulinn – title granted to anyone in charge of one of the many siathi towers (excluding Gleyarnae).
Rubicund Legion – A Darkrider army made up of people from the Ruibicund Territory and its native wyvern

Scad – Atharian term; an expletive, short for schyadra
Schyadra – Atharian term; /scaˈdra/ nf. shit
Senday – Atharian term; seven days
Seudo’thann – a city on Atharia
Seqenn – one of Keverynn’s draconic species. They come from Tala’kivor Province and are in blue colour.
Shrike – a type of bird of prey native to Atharia.
Shrike – a Tagrith-class retrieval ship owned by Drianna Snarevine
Sivredorsiann – siathi rank
Solinn – one of Keverynn’s draconic species. They come from and are gold in colour.
Stromueginn – magic sickness. If untreated, it can be fatal. Symptoms include headaches and irritable behaviour. Treatment involves being placed under heavy magical shields until the patient is recovered. It requires great delicacy to treat. The longer a person goes without treatment, the higher the risk of permanent brain damage.
Stone – Atharian term used to measure weight. One stone is roughly equivalent to 15 lb.
Swimmer – the human name for the native people of Atharia

Tagrith – Atharian ship class; typically used as retrieval ship, a type of vessel that had fallen out of use more than fifty years ago.
Tal’jeerann – the Nomad word for leader
Tassren Spire – This lone mountain is the tallest object on Atharia, standing at an impressive 30,000 feet. It stands all alone on the far end of the Datroya Plains. Its top is covered in snow year round, but beneath the snow line the mountain is bare of any kind of vegetation. Nothing lives there. It’s the boundary marker for the plains even though they don’t end at its base, continuing on for another thirty–six kilometres. There’s no reason for anyone to go anywhere near it. Swimmer folklore insists that it’s cursed, that the spirits had made it bare of life as punishment for some unforgivable transgression long ago. Out of respect for their beliefs, the human population of Atharia avoids the mountain.
Tent of the Ancestors – a stellar object visible from both Atharia and Keverynn. Known on Atharia as the Maia Nebula.
Tiann – these dragons come from Shu’venath Province and are the largest of the five species. They are covered in thick silver scales.

Tosko– Atharian term; bird
Tower – centre of government for each siathi region. Not including Gleyarnae, there are seven towers.
Turann – wyvern

Urokuure – wolfling term for magic sickness

Verdigris Battalion – A Darkrider army made up of people from the Verdigris Territory and its native wyvern
Viridescent Faction – Me’chu’sholan Province’s armed forces. They answer to the Veridian Dragonlord
Vukann – these dragons come from Me’chu’sholan Province. While their scaly bodies are mostly green, they have dark brown markings and paler bellies.

Warosko – Atharian term; a type of local bird similar to a chicken (lit. mud bird)
Week – a week on Keverynn is six days long
Wing – a wing of dragons has 12 members. This number includes the wingleader and wingsecond.
Wyndchild – a flight capable equine species native to Salcreria

Yadehann Enterprises – a research and development firm located in the Atharian city of Aren’march.
Yahal – a type of animal used as mounts by the wolflings
Yonarai – Atharian term; a ship who’s crew was held responsible for a disaster they caused by accident
Yucotzal – Atharian term; a predator

Zatiin – Atharian term; a large species of mollusc that lives in the deeper parts of the oceans