Path of the Warrior

Ashrinn Chimekin is a Fugitive Recovery Agent tasked with helping the crew of the Shrike in their pursuit of the rogue Cult of Atraxia. Something goes horribly wrong during their attempt to infiltrate the cult’s compound and they find themselves on a strange, new world. The crew enlists the aid of a local mage to open the portal home only to learn the cultists are alive and made it to Keverynn as well. The portal fails, forcing the crew to retreat.

After some research, the crew learns the portal failed because all the Atharians need to be present to keep it stable. Apprehending the cultists seems like a simple task, but it’s made more difficult by the cultists’ alliance with the Darkriders, a massive army that will stop at nothing to gain total control over their world. Complicating matters is the discovery that the cultists have strange magical abilities they’re using to assist the Darkriders in their conquest. 

Ashrinn forges alliances with the Dragonlords, the force in opposition to the Darkriders. She shares her knowledge of the cultists to help the Dragonlords prepare defenses against their magic. As she fights to attain her goal, she hopes to uncover the mystery behind the black sword that appears when she’s in dire need and how it will affect her desire to return home.

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