World Info

Name: Keverynn
Location: 4th planet
Size: a bit smaller than Earth
Length of a day: 26 hours
Length of a year: 372 days
Sun: Telast
Moons: Ana-Lashann, Ana-Leta, Ana-Turann
Any other celestial bodies: including Keverynn, there are seven planets in the system and 26 moons.

In addition to humans, there are the chume’taly (who primarily live in Me’chu’sholan Province), the siathi (who live mostly in Salcreria), and the wolflings (who are scattered all over the place).

There’s one major continent , though some argue that it’s two that are just very close together. A large river splits it more or less evenly in half. There’s a habitable island located in this river. To the west of it is a massive island. To the east is a long island chain called Alastea by its inhabitants.

The presence of the three moons makes the tides quite nasty and sailing is a very dangerous occupation. As such not many people risk it and most trade is conducted over land.

There’s a lot of land and a great deal of it is habitable.



Prior to the event known as the Great Walk, designated as year 0 on modern calendars, the Nomad territories didn’t exist. There are no written records for what the borders were like prior to this time. At first, the five Nomadic groups were a single group, known as the Iiredafor. Over time, they split into two separate groups over philosophical differences, becoming the Tir’ri and the Sutar tribes. People from Sutar eventually splintered into both the Aurann and Horyinn tribes as populations grew and ideologies changed. Tir’ri eventually broke into two groups, Tir’ri and Tchupak.

The borders of the Nomad territories are largely unchanged since the year 468. The borders of the five tribes fluctuate from time to time as populations change, territory is given away and regained.

The establishment of the five Provinces in the year 661, created new regions on Keverynn.