The People of An’katerr

Adlia Alvacy – Jiken’s mother
Aidelren – see Sandstar
Ajrir Travoy – father of Aomire and Arendol
Alaysis nil Tanjalaar – fourth Empress of Shanshiire
Aldiara nil Tanjalaar – She is the youngest daughter of Emperor Kenjariyo of Shanshiire.
Alesh Saruuq – a private in the Dovalian army, stationed in Varden Strand
Aliandren nil Tanjalaar – wife of Kinlayo, the first emperor of Shanshiire.
Anshrir d’Wolvam – cousin to Leshmiir, heir apparent to Doval. His father was Lehenar’s brother. His current title is duke.
Aomire Travoy – Fox Warrior with the ability to heal, son of Ajrir and Evaliy
Arendol Travoy – Aomire’s younger brother
Ariss – a farm woman in the Ioridan Valley, wife of Olidan, mother of Fion
Ashaniel Maruuq – Chief Priestess of Kal Kiterr, succeeded Ludal, deceased
Atrenyu Travoy – current head of the Travoy family, a descendant of Arendol
Auriil n’Varis– a Marquessa in Doval, one of Leshmiir’s most trusted advisors
Aurrie – head cook at Wolf Rock

Balindren Amshedra – Sage of Metal
Barhen – a Shadowhawk bandit known as the Swift; best known for attempting to steal the Dragon Crown. He was executed.
Beachtree – Chief Priest of Kal Valorn. Jiinalese name – Shumantioc
Bedonna – a priestess at Palanderin
Binec Eleis – a private in the Dovalian army, stationed in Kitoll Falls
Bloodfish – member of the Storm Riders
Chounen Nanjila – Dragon Warrior with the ability to talk to animals
Colahar Variel – Sahiren’s personal servant
Coloren Nilkarath – first emperor of Telvan, married to Miothenna
Coralknife – quartermaster of the Wave Dancer, member of the Storm Riders

Dalshan – Tiger Warrior
Dalshidren – Kilordrian’s predecessor, Chief Priestess of Kal Berash
Danyen Medrolik – Captain of the Shanshiire Royal bodyguard.
Deilen Meiir – one of the kidnapped priestesses
Delanoshe Nilkarath – Shinjaloye’s husband, Sahiren’s father; deceased
Dellin – priest at Palanderin, in charge of the gardens
Derro – Shadowhawk bandit
Dugen – a Shadowhawk bandit known as One-eye; best known for attempting to steal the Dragon Crown. He was executed.

Eelshriek – navigator on board the Wave Dancer, member of the Storm Riders
Ehalia Eleis – Yuren’s mother
Eiara – former sage of Earth, Elyen’s predecessor
Eladan Avirel – Mienna’s predecessor, Chief Priest of Kal Sharash
Elandi – a name Aomire gave for his fake granddaughter
Elyen Demyal – Sage of Earth, Kinrou’s mother

Eolk Dubar – Recruit Third Class at the time Nuren joined the army
Etraiyen d’Wolvam – First Emperor of Doval
Evaliy Travoy – mother of Aomire and Arendol

Falashtin Calvethalen de Zavriel-Ensiyu – Emperor of Zalityu, formerly a Grand Duke
Feln – Shadowhawk bandit
Feron Kaluus – A Wolf Warrior. His ability is astral projection. His father is a soldier at Wolf Rock and his mother was one of Empress Feshanya’s handmaidens.
Feshanya d’Wolvam – Empress of Doval, married to Lehenar and mother to Leshmiir. Deceased.
Fiirda e’Laris– a lady in Doval, one of Leshmiir’s most trusted advisors
Fion – Ariss and Olidan’s youngest son; Ioridan Valley
Fioralyn – a woman who runs a stationary shop in Tinarent

Greywhale – a pirate with one eye, member of the Storm Riders
Gullwing – serves on board the Wave Dancer, member of the Storm Riders
Gurein Lenuss – Quartermaster in the Dovalian army; stationed in Daenas Bluff

Haeriin Mauil – one of the first five Wolf Warriors
Hajienna Calvethalen de Zavriel-Ensiyu – eldest daughter of Hajrentin
Hajrentin Calvethalen de Zavriel-Ensiyu – first emperor of Zalityu
Hanoki fal Tanjalarr – Crown Prince of Shanshiire, father of Julong and sister of Kishandren and Aldiara. His father is Kenjariyo. He is married to Ishalaad.
Hanshujiar Adruus – he’s one of the Wolf warriors. His twin brother is Taljiar
Heiala – Xiren’s predecessor; died trying to protect a village from a flash flood
Hejal – Ariss and Olidan’s oldest son; Ioridan Valley
Helaide Nashariil – one of the kidnapped priestesses
Hightide – member of the Storm Riders
Hokiff Oruuth – a recruit who joined the army at the same time as Nuren. He’s originally from Five Winds Village in Zalityu. He’s half Dovalian on my mother’s side. His father was a Zalite.

Inhari Devanaliil – Chief Priestess of Kal Kiterr. She was once a priestess of Kal Sharash, but when a Wolf Warrior captured her in a raid, Kal Kiterr appeared to her in a vision, choosing her as the successor to the dying Chief priestess.
Inlithan – Mirala’s younger brother
Irnjal – priest in Tiothe Cove, attempting to convert the town to Imbria’s side
Ishalaad nil Tanjalaar – wife to Hanoki and mother of Julong. She is from Jiinal originally. Ishalaad is her use name; in her native language it translates to Fortunate Wind. Her birth name is known only to her parents and to Hanoki.
Ishkalar Eleis – Yuren’s half sister
Iolit – a Dovalian priest
Ionar Adruus – father to Taljiar and Hanshujiar

Jadeel Prityel – Fox warrior
Jarleel – Imbria’s chief priest during Aomire’s youth
Jasepara Elil – Rikkala’s predecessor, from Port Alyen
Jalya – Auriil’s personal servant
Jelaitaru – see Stormwing
Jentel – a resident of Kirikiryuu
Jirel – founder of Taniere Fall
Jikaros – most senior priest in Karath
Jiken Alvacy – Kinrou’s best friend and the current leader of the bandits that are based out of Mt. Dorayen
Jilshen – an Acolyte at Palanderin
Jorene Eleis – Yuren’s aunt
Julong fal Tanjalaar – Hanoki’s son

Kairen Suthriim – Tiren’s and Mirala’s son, named for Mirala’s great grandfather who was a Dragon Warrior
Kal Atlien – Protector Deity of Zalityu and Lord of Earth. His symbol is a fox
Kal Berash – Protector Deity of Shanshiire and Lord of Metal. His symbol is a tiger
Kal Kiterr – Protector Deity of Duval and Lord of Wood. His symbol is a wolf.
Kal Sharash – Protector Deity of Telvan and Lord of Fire. His symbol animal is a dragon.
Kal Valorn – Protector Deity of Jiinal and Lord of water. His symbol is a shark.
Kashiandren – first Sage appointed and first Sage to Kal Berash
Kavaralaj – disgraced prince of Jiinal, Nuren’s father
Keairen – see Luaketu 
Kenjariyo fal Tanjalaar – the emperor of Shanshiire and father of Aldiara, Kishandren, and Hanoki and grandfather to Julong. His wife’s name is Yukaren. His father was Liraljen.
Kiathin Nilkarath – historical Emperor of Telvan, his daughter married the only nephew of Empress Alaysis
Kieff e’Laris – a lieutenant in the Dovalian army, garrison commander in Varden Strand
Kijain Valuur – Major in the Dovalian army
Kijilin Adruus – ancestor of Lonhar; he was the right hand man of the First Emperor of Doval
Kilinda – first Chief Preiestess of Kal Sharash
Kilion Daliil – a corporal in the Dovalian army
Kilordrian – current Chief Priest of Kal Berash
Kinlayo fal Tanjalaar – first Emperor of Shanshiire. Married to Aliandren.
Kinrou Alvacy – Formerly a member of the Shadowhawk bandit gang, he is now a Dragon Warrior
Kinrou Demyal – Elyen’s great-grandfather
Kirsti – Mirala’s neighbor in Karath, married to Thosin
Kishandren nil Tanjalaar – She is the elder of the two Shanshiire princesses. She prefers to spend her time with the soldiers than with the courtiers.

Laharen – one of the original Shadowhawk Bandits
Larenna – historical woman who gave the town Larenna’s Folly its name
Larren – head priest in Tinarent
Larjalen Rualii – Sage of Wood, married to Xiren
Lashnalaad – Crown Prince of Jiinal, son of Shaiokilai and Ooratian
Lehenar d’Wolvam – Leshmiir’s father, previous Emperor of Doval; uncle to Anshrir
Leshmiir d’Wolvam – Emperor of Doval, eldest son of Lehenar, cousin to Anshrir
Lilya Demyal – Fox Warrior with the ability to hypnotize people
Lindra – a midwife in Karath
Liraljen fal Tanjalaar – Kenjariyo’s father
Litoren – A Wolf Warrior 68 years ago with the ability to manipulate plants
Lokvar Qariil – one of the first Wolf Warriors
Lonhar Adruus – a private in the Dovalian army, descended from a long line of soldiers going back to before the Beginning of Days. His great-great grandfather’s brother was a historian.
Lordren – a priest at Palanderin
Luaketu – a noble from Port Laishvee. wife to Jelaitaru, mother of Nuren. In Doval she calls herself Keairen (faceless)
Ludal – Chief Priest of Kal Kiterr, deceased

Maresh – Chief Priest of Kal Atlien
Marsa – bandit girl, once involved with Jiken
Meshun Taruul – recruit second class when Nuren joined the army.
Mienna Sahiil – Current Chief Priestess of Kal Sharash
Miasha – a former Wolf Warrior, died of natural causes 
Miken Alvacy – Jiken’s grandfather. He is best known for attempting to steal the Dragon Crown. He died in prison shortly before he was scheduled to be executed.
Miothenna Nilkarath – married to Coloren, the first Emperor of Telvan
Milishran – former Sage of Metal, Balindren’s aunt (mother’s sister)
Mirala Suthriim – Rikkala’s mother
Mithriir – thaumaturge in Tanjihad
Moonpool – see Luaketu

Nahiro Tanthriil – Thaumaturge and Dragon Warrior
Nalran Shaliir – Nahiro’s father, a wandering priest
Nalshen Rael – Mienna’s lover as well as a Dragon Warrior
Nevar – head cook at Wolf Rock. He  is known around the country for a creation of his that he calls elia
Nirel – a false name used by Aomire
Novar – senior priest at the temple in Summer Waters
Nuren – He is the general of the armies of Duval. His gem grants him the ability to move very quickly. He is the son of the deposed Prince Stormwing of Jiinal. His real name is Sharkhunter (Valetirka). His current name means ‘nameless’ in Jiinalese.

Olarihalaj – first Emperor of Jiinal
Oren – a senior priest in Karath
Orien Lenuus – the First Chief Priest of Kal Kiterr
Ojien – one of Kinrou’s friends growing up
Olidan – a farmer in the Ioridan Valley, husband of Ariss, father of Fion and Hejal
Ooratian – primary wife of Shaiokilai, Empress of Jiinal
Orelin – a healer in Tinarent
Oren – a senior priest in Karath

Peria – Olidan’s brother’s wife

Rejik Falcorsi – a captain in the Dovalian army; stationed at the northern training camp, commander of the Seventh command. Twin brother to Rijad.
Rielen Dariil – headmaster of the school Tiren works at
Rihan Kaval – one of the first Wolf Warriors
Rijad Falcorsi – a captain in the Dovalian army; stationed in Daenas Bluff. Twin brother to Rejik.
Rikkala Suthriim – The Fire Sage. Her mother is Mirala, her father is Tiren, she has twin siblings Kairen (boy) and Tilona (girl), an uncle named Trian (mother’s older brother), and an uncle named Inlithan (mother’s younger brother).
Rishala  – Larjalen’s predecessor
Riol – a Dovalian priest

Sahiren Nilkarath – Crown Prince of Telvan and also a Dragon Warrior
Salindren – priestess at Palanderin, in charge of the archives
Sandstar – Sharkwhistle’s predecessor, Sage of Water
Seasong – lookout on board the Wave Dancer, member of the Storm Riders
Shaial Eleis – Yuren’s half sister
Shalia Adruus – mother to Taljiar and Hanshujiar
Shallain Calvethalen de Zavriel-Ensiyu – wife to Hajrentin, the first Emperor of Zalityu.
Shaneel – Tiren’s sister
Shanye – A Dragon Warrior who had been killed by Zalites, her Gem had given her the ability to become invisible. She came from the town of Aldlasi.
Sharan – a Dovalian priest
Sharkwhistle – Sage of Water, adopted daughter of Emperor Whitewave and half sister of Crown prince Strongwind. Her mother is Whalesong.
Sharktooth – Sharkwhistle’s alter ego
Shateren – a woman at the brothel in Varden Strand
Shaya – a senior priestess in Karath
Sheia Maslyn – a priestess and good friend of Elyen’s. A former resident of Taniere Fall. She’s the woman who took Kinrou to Mt. Dorayen, killed trying to escape
Shinjaloye Nilkarath – Empress of Telvan and Sahiren’s mother
Shokelle l’Etriil – one of the first Wolf Warriors
Sholaiya Calvethalen de Zavriel-Ensiyu – Empress of Zalityu
Shumantioc – see Beachtree
Siura Alvey – Fox warrior with the ability to cast illusion
Sius – a Shadowhawk bandit that teaches wilderness survival
Strongwind – Jelaitaru; disgraced prince of Jiinal, father to Nuren. Also known as the Pirate Prince

Taljiar Adruus – one of the Wolf Warriors, twin brother of Hanshujiar
Tanare Tanthriil – Nahiro’s mother, she was also a Dragon Warrior. Her sacred gem gave her telepathic abilities.
Taniere – wife of Jirel, the founder of the township of Taniere Fall
Taren – originally from Liraiyen, founder of the Shadowhawk Bandits
Tarviir – Kishandren’s ‘uncle’, one of Kenjariyo’s most trusted friends, executed for treason
Tayvin o’Fathil – a General of Doval
Teliir n’Tariil – a baron in Doval, one of Leshmiir’s most trusted advisors
Thosin – Kirsti’s husband
Thria Demyal – Kinrou’s youngest half sister. She’s a gifted artist. She lives with her teacher from the time the harvest has been brought in until it’s time to plant again. She comes home then to help me out around here. When she’s old enough, I imagine she may well strike out on her own or even go to live at her sister’s place while she’s traveling. Lives in Windy Glade
Tidewish – Strongwind’s mother
Tiren Suthriim – Rikkala’s father
Taulin – Head priestess at Palanderin
Telina – Balindren’s best friend at Palanderin
Tiejel Calvethalen de Zavriel-Ensiyu – second Emperor of Zalityu, eldest child and eldest son of Hajrentin and Shallain
Tilona Suthriim – Mirala’s and Tiren’s youngest daughter
Tiodan Betal – one of the first Wolf Warriors
Tiona – bandit girl, once involved with Jiken
Toef – Chounen’s cat
Tojek n’Afiil – Recruit Fourth class, was the tent leader when Nuren was in training
Tomlen Rueii – a private in the Dovalian army,, stationed in Kitoll Falls
Trian – Mirala’s older brother
Trenchfire – captain of the Wave Dancer, member of the Storm Riders
Trishan – Dragon Warrior, retired
Tulken – a Shadowhawk bandit known as Left Handed Tulken as he lost his right hand in an accident; best known for attempting to steal the Dragon Crown. He was executed.

Ufrejal Lidol – Wolf Warrior, twin brother of Ujalyen
Ujalyen Lidol – Wolf Warrior, twin brother of Ufrejal
Uwana – Former Dragon Warrior, retired

Valaktisho – see Sharkwhistle
Valandrien Calvethalen de Zavriel-Ensiyu – Crown Princess of Zalityu
Valekishan – Nuren’s military issue gelding
Varshal Dubar – a lieutenant in the Dovalian army, originally from Kitoll Falls
Voray – one of Kinrou’s friends growing up

Whalesong – Sharkwhistle’s mother, Empress of Jiinal
Whitewave – Emperor of Jiinal; Jiinalese name: Shaiokilai

Xiren Dubar – He’s the leader of the Wolf Warriors, married to Larjalen.  His Sacred Gem gives him the ability to read thoughts and emotions.
Xoljiar i’Velidon – a lord in Doval, one of Leshmiir’s most trusted advisors

Yaren – member of the Shadow Hawk bandit gang; has a thing for other men
Yuren Eleis – One of the Wolf Warriors. She’s a fledgling Thaumaturge, one not in good control of her powers.
Yukaren nil Tanjalaar – wife of Kenjariyo, former Empress of Shanshiire, mother to Hanoki, Kishandren, and Aldiara. Deceased.
Yoderene Bavalith– one of the kidnapped priestesses

Zhareth Najey– Fox warrior