Art Policy

My artwork

This site and it’s content are not public domain. My artwork and writing may only be displayed here and in the following locations: Worldanvil, Tumblr, Toyhouse, deviantart, Facebook, Instagram, and Redbubble. The only instance of my work being posted elsewhere that I approve of is art I’ve drawn specifically for another person. They have permission to display it on their websites as they see fit. The characters in those pieces belong to their creators, the art is still my work and may not be given out.

You may:

  • use an image from my site to make a link button to this page
  • use art I’ve made for you to make graphics for your site

You may not:

  • use a full image from my site for your own purposes
  • claim my images as your own
  • use any of my characters or their likeness for your stories or role playing
  • use my art or writing in a derogatory manner


Artwork from other people just completely makes my day. I love it! It makes me smile that someone enjoys my stories and characters enough to take the time out of their day to draw them. I love seeing how differently people interpret the designs I have. I do have a couple basic guidelines.

  • Please don’t trace another artist’s work to create these images. It’s art theft and that’s not cool.
  • Keep in mind the character’s ages. Not all of them are of legal age and I’d be upset to receive erotic art of them. Generally nudes and such don’t bother me, but exercise good judgement, please.
  • I’m fine with most characters being drawn in different outfits than the ones I’ve drawn them in, but it helps me to identify the characters if the overall design is as close to the references as possible