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Alchemy of Sorrow

A while back, I signed up to get an ARC of this anthology. For a while, I forgot about it. When I remembered again, I figured I wasn’t picked to get one. That’s fine. Then it showed up in my e-mail. I couldn’t get to it right away as I was reading something else, but……

Path of the Sorceress

With Path of the Warrior nearing a possible publication date, it’s time to start work on the second book in the series. I’ve only ever done word count trackers with NaNoWriMo, but with how much work this book is going to need, this seems like a good idea.

Note: The end goal word count is based……

Book Piracy

In the age of digital content, piracy is something we’re all familiar with, whether it’s music, movies, or TV shows. Did you know that e-books are also a target for piracy? It’s not something you hear about, but it happens. As an avid reader and someone who hasn’t always had the money to……

Randomised character creation

As much as I love writing and character building, I have this problem where I create characters for fun, but then get stuck on what they’re like as people. Visually, no problem, but the details are harder.

Yesterday, I took a bunch of characters I drew and created profiles for them through……

Books of 2021

I set myself a goal of 50 books for 2021. I not only met it but surpassed it, reading a total of 67 books. My list includes manga, audiobooks, graphic novels, self-pub and traditionally published works. I only read one non-fiction book.

Worldtober 2021

1. Mode of transportation
2. Mount
3. Elder
4. Noble
5. Child
6. Protagonist
7. Prey animal
8. Architecture
9. Antagonist
10. Map
11. Predator
12. Anghiel
13. Historical figure
14. Music
15. Language
16. Merchant
17. Queen


October has always been my favourite month. It’s the month where my birthday is, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. If that last one confuses you, don’t worry about it. I’m Canadian and we have our Thanksgiving in October. In my case, there are years when my birthday lands on Thanksgiving. Sadly, not this year.

This is an especially……