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OCeptember Day 03

Day 03 is for my least loved OC. Like day 01, this was kind of hard. In the end, I picked Surann. While she’s important to the story she’s the antagonist I dislike writing the most.

OCeptember Day 02

Day 02’s prompt was an unexpectedly loved OC. That one wasn’t terribly difficult. I don’t write male characters often. I didn’t expect to become as attached to Kinrou as I am. He started his life as a fairly simple if misogynistic dude and developed into one of my favourite characters.

OCeptember Day 01

I’m working on the OCeptember challenge. This is going to be a little weird as I’m not sticking to any one set of OCs

The prompt for day 01 is Favourite OC. I had to give this one some thought but that title goes to Phaeton. She began her existence as a Sailormoon fan character but……


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Postmortem – Saskexpo 2019

Post mortem is a good term for this. It was a fabulous weekend but I feel like death. Conventions are exhausting and I always feel rough the day after I get home, but I also don’t go into one with a sore throat I’ve had for 2 weeks (at that point), nor do I typically……

Postmortem – Animethon 2009

I got back an hour and a half ago from my trip to Edmonton. Oh boy. Am I ever tired.

So here’s a breakdown of my trip.


Was in the car almost all day. We got to my mom’s place at 4 where I picked up the jacket I was going to……

Pardon the dust

I’m in the process of rebuilding my website. It’s long overdue for a rebuild.