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Meet my obsession from the last…couple months? I bought a Pullip MIO kit from Pullip Style. If you’re not familiar with these kits they’re wonderful. They don’t come with English instructions but there are quite a few Youtube videos that can walk you through the process of assembling your doll.

Working on her face was……

Custom Doll – Pyre

Character: Pyre

Series: Stars of Destiny

Doll base: Snapstar (bought new)
Hair: doll’s original wig

Date completed: June 6, 2020

Custom Doll – Purenightshade

Base: Raven queen (Ever after high, second hand)
Hair: Dollyhair Saran Wildfire Auburn

Date completed: June 1, 2020

Custom Doll – Thuban

Character: Draco/Thuban

Series: Stars of Destiny

Doll base: Rochelle Goyle body and wings with an Abbey Bominable head (both bought second hand)
Hair: Dollyhair Sour apple martini, Spearmint

Date complted: May 31, 2020

I haven’t given……

Repaint – Bandit

My doll making has ground to a halt as I ran out of my sealant last week. I’ve got more on order, but it hasn’t arrived yet. The website says at the latest it will get here Thursday, but that’s Thursday. In the meantime I’ve been working on patterns, outfits, and accessories, but it’s not……

Custom Doll – Vulturia

Character: Vulturia

Series: Stars of Destiny (Book 1)

Doll base: Frankie Stein with an Abbey Bominable head (both bought used)
Hair: Dollyhair After Midnight
Paints: raw sienna and cinnamon brown (body)

Date completed: May 12, 2020

I’ve been working on this for weeks now. Her original head went missing somewhere so I had to……

Custom Doll – Knight

Character: Knight

Series: Stars of Destiny

Doll base: unidentified doll (bought second hand)
Hair: Dollyhair Black Magick

Date completed: May 12, 2020

Up until very recently I had no idea where this doll came from. Then I saw another customized version of this doll that listed him as a Monster High doll in the comments. The doller wasn’t more……

Custom Doll – Fate

Character: Fate

Series: Stars of Destiny

Doll base: Snapstar Echo (bought new)
Hair: blond snapstar wig (bought new)
Paints: deep red, lemonade, black

Date completed: April 26, 2020

This custom is different from my others and is something of an experiment. I’d never heard of the Snapstar dolls before I bought her. I have to say these are a……

Custom Doll – Typhoon

Character – Typhoon

Series: Stars of Destiny

Doll base: Mulan (second hand)
Hair: doll’s original

Date completed: April 25, 2020


Her face went through a few different versions before I got this one. She was my first real try at using watercolor pencils. I experimented with her before I did Starleaf and Sailorphaeton. I’d also done Pyre’s face as……

Custom Doll – Sailorphaeton

Character: Sailorphaeton

Series: Sailormoon/Stars of Destiny

Doll base: WWE Superstars Eva Marie Doll (bought new)
Hair: Dollyhair Saran Wildfire Auburn

Date completed: April 25, 2020

In theory, she’s an easy design. In practice she was really hard. 50% of her difficulty was the boots. 40% was figuring out how to make her clothing removable. I went through four different……