Category: Chume’taly

Funerary Rites

These vary from type to type, but only slightly. They wear a shade of green that is nearly black as their mourning color. The body is cleaned, prepared, and dressed in finery and laid out on display for three days before being interred at the base of a tree or among a group of trees…….


There are eight different cat types which are broken down into two separate clans per type: a high clan and a low clan. The high clan is considered to be the ‘noble’ class. They have a tendency to look down on their low clan counterparts. There is really no difference in population numbers between the……


Traditionally, the chume’taly utilize the extended family model with the parents living with their elder offspring. Each pregnancy will produce from one to three cubs. A chume’taly female will have a few litters in her lifetime and so family units can get quite large and complex.
To the chume’taly, their first independent hunt is of……


Each type of cat has its own distinct physiology and range of heights. Listed are the max heights and typical body sizes of the chume’taly types.

Males – tall and buff, standing at a maximum of 6’0’’
Females – shorter than the males but also leaning towards the buff side of things. They can grow……