Category: Chume’taly

Funerary Rites

These vary from type to type, but only slightly. They wear a shade of green that is nearly black as their mourning color. The body is cleaned, prepared, and dressed in finery and laid out on display for three days before being interred at the base of a tree or among a group of trees…….



High clan: M’peln
Mid clan: S’rethran
Mid clan: G’foril
Low clan: L’trusha

Noyolu chume’taly range in colour from black to medium grey. The occasional one has white markings. Singe colour pelts are more desirable, especially in the M’peln and S’rethran clans. Their litters are quite small, up to three kits only. A matriarchy of sorts was……


Traditionally, the chume’taly utilize the extended family model with the parents living with their elder offspring. Each pregnancy will produce from one to three cubs. A chume’taly female will have a few litters in her lifetime and so family units can get quite large and complex.

To the chume’taly, their first independent hunt is of great……


A chume’taly’s average lifespan is approximately 37 years. The longest on record is 53 years.

The gestation period is usually around 4 months for most types and will sometimes be a little longer. Each pregnancy will produce from one to three cubs. The young have an accelerated development, roughly double the growth seen in human children.