Category: Centauricorn


Common Traits: horse bodies with human torsos, a single horn sprouting from their foreheads.
Their equine bodies have a shorter back than what you’d find on a horse. They’re only a little taller than an average human, so you couldn’t comfortably use one as a mount. They have cloven hooves.

Centauricorn Herds are distinguished from each……


Region(s): Silvestri
Main Language: Ehkan, Tauriis
Major Religion: polytheistic with emphasis on centauricorn deities
Type of Government: They follow a King Stallion and their herd leaders
Current Political Situation:
Major Cities: none, nomadic herds


Centauricorn Scholars believed that things needed to be copied or repeated exactly as they had originally been done or the meaning changed, which was why they made such fabulously reliable messengers. No centauricorn worth their horn would alter something told to them.

They never exaggerate and find it blasphemous to do so, giving it equal disgust……