Category: Shai’then


The actual act is almost identical to that of the human race. It’s the courtship and familial structures that differ.

To start with, it’s the women who are in charge. They will only choose males that they deem suitable. The criteria for this varies from person to person, but the most prevalent of these is looks…….


Ruler: Duchess Antar’keth’jaal’ipeldri clan Ju’kep’tri’ves
Seat: Shinning Palace

Ju’shal’long has a tropical climate. Largely, the island consists of woods and prairies with a large chain of mountains running the entire length of the island.

Dal’jun – located in the Shenju province on Ju’shal’long. Like most buildings constructed by the Shai’then, the buildings are constructed out of stone…….


Shai’then have golden skin. Males have a deeper, duskier tone.

Instead of hair they sport a crest of feathers the same shade as their wings. Females have a single colour while men have two.

Their wings sprout from the underside of their arms, leaving their hands free. Hands have four digits.

The women stand between 5 and……