Children of the Dragon

The original version of this story was significantly shorter than what exists today. It was only chapters long, poorly written, and a sappy teen romance. I wanted to write more of a backstory for these characters and how they came together as a group. This required that I sit down and actually build the world of An’katerr, it’s history, it’s magic, and how it’s people work. Now, if you know anything about me you know that worldbuilding is one of my favourite things to do. I’ll spend hours researching what kind of metals were used to make coins in ancient times just because I need it for a line of dialog. 

There are things I’ve written down for An’katerr that still haven’t made it into any of the books but they’re there and they exist in case I need them. It gives the world a fuller, more real feeling to it and gives the characters a more solid footing. 

The backstory was intended to be seperate from the original version, but it turned out to be on the short side for a full length novel. So the two merged and became one longer, more satisfying story. 

This is also the first finished story I’ve written with a male protagonist.

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