General FAQ

How come I can’t see most of your content?

This is my author website as well as my personal blog. As such, I prefer to restrict who can access what I post here. My blog posts are fine for public consumption, but I post things relevant to my writing projects that I’d rather not be publicly available. That’s not to say that all of my worldbuilding stuff is here and restricted. I keep some stuff available for the public on my Worldanvil sites. Registered and logged in members have full access to the site’s content.

How do I join?

Registration is easy and available to everyone for the time being. The link to the registration form is at the top of the website. Once you’ve created an account you’ll have access to the site’s content and be able to comment on articles.

Please remember, though, that access is a privilege not a right. Abuse of this privilege will lead to a deletion of your account.

How do you feel about fanart?

I like fanart very much and it always makes my day when people draw my characters. You won’t find much in the way of characters of their visual references on the site at the moment, but I keep an extensive gallery up on Toyhouse that is kept updated.

Can I use your art/content for something I’m doing?

Generally my answer to this would be no. I’m very protective of my work