Path of the Warrior

More than twenty years ago my best friend and I laid the foundation for what would eventually become the sprawling world of Keverynn. We were huge fans of Anne McCaffery’s Pern series and deeply enamoured by the idea that dragons didn’t always have to be bad. With that idea planted in our brains our teen selves wrote story after story in this fictional world of ours. Nothing we wrote could be published as it was. It was…less that good, but the idea was there.

It’s gone through a lot of changes since those early days and I’m very proud of what it’s become. Keverynn is the setting that is dearest to my heart and perhaps always will be. It’s a find reminder of those happy days swapping papers with my soul sister and creating characters that were as real to us as we were. 

Path of the Warrior is a story I initially began writing in high school and was initially titled Sword and Sorcery. Finished handwritten chapters circulated through my circle of friends. Some of them were written into the story where they remain to this day. In its initial incarnation it was about two rival high school clubs that were magical transported to the world of Keverynn. Eventually I aged them up to college students. I had an epiphany one night while listening to some music that led to its current version: bounty hunters and fugitives crash landing on the planet. For those who’re curious about such things, the particular track that inspired this was World of Make Believe by Within Temptation.

This prompted months of furious rewriting and edits until I finally had all the Earth references eradicated and things where I wanted them. The present version of the story is as close to perfect as I can make it. Writers are strange creatures that are never 100% happy with what they’ve written. Can it be better? What can I change to make it just a little bit better? At some point you just have to let go. This is that point. 

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