Story Synopses

Keverynn: Path of the Warrior

It was just another day at work for the crew of the Shrike: informants to interrogate, criminals to arrest, bounties to collect. What should have been an easy capture turned into an extended chase resulting in both ships crashing on an unexplored planet in a remote system.

Now the Agents and the criminals they were pursuing are stranded with little chance of being rescued. They must take sides in a war for control over the world if they have any hope to survive this strange, alien world and the war that threatens to tear the world apart.

Children of the Dragon

Orphaned at a young age and taken in by Telvan’s most notorious bandit gang, Kinrou had no real expectations in life. He knew nothing of his past, nor did he care to. Then, one day, with the death of a Dragon Warrior, everything changed. 

After a trip to Karath, the capital city of Telvan, he was told about a threat to the peace and that he had been hand picked by the Sky Lords themselves to stop it if only he could discover what this threat was in time.

Stars of Destiny: Light

Four completely ordinary high school girls discover that they are powerful warriors known as sehashi. Together, they must use their new powers to defeat the Lords of Chaos.

Angels of the Night: Part One

Eleven centuries ago, Ardren, the mainland of the world of Melphor, was wracked by a centuries long bloody war referred to in the Histories as the Wars of the Roses, an endless struggle to rid the world of the forces of darkness. For years, the two sides fought before forces of light called upon its neighbors and formed the Soulforge Alliance. Together, they beat back the darkness and reclaimed their lands.

Now, rumors of creatures long thought destroyed are being whispered about, creatures that once served the darkness. If they did still exist, they threatened the stability of the Alliance with their very existence. 

The Knights of the Rose, the protectors of the Alliance and the world of Melphor, swore to exterminate them at the end of the war and, if the rumors were true, would rid the world of the evil once again and preserve the peace.

Beneath the Waves

An island girl encounters a previously unknown sea faring race and faces the ridicule of the rest of her village.


What if you could rewind the clock, go back and change the past knowing what you know now? A retelling of Snow White.

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