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Chapter 4

The inn was easy enough to find with its vibrant wooden sign and loud voices filtering out into the street. Warmth swept over him as he walked through the door, smells of cooking food and warm cider assaulting his nose, making his mouth water.

A middle aged woman with salt and pepper hair and……

Chapter 3

The following morning, he paid the rest of his balance to the same lunyari man he’d met the day he’d arrived in Oldwatch. Xantoxu was waiting out front for him. He attached his bags to the back of the saddle, mounted up, and headed to Tehaksha’s temple.

A large ox-drawn cart stood in the……

Chapter 2

He reached his destination two and a half uneventful days later. It had been a long time since he’d been to Oldwatch, yet the town appeared to be almost exactly the same as it had been nearly a century ago. The faces around him were different, but the streets and buildings were untouched by……

Chapter 1

“Are you alright?”

Linndan forced his eyes open to find he was lying in the long grass. Under normal circumstances, the feel of soft grass on his face would be a plaeasant one, but this was as far away from normal as he got. He clutched his head, eyes watering, trying to stop the……

PotW – Alpha Draft

Warning: The following chapters are still in development and do not represent the final version. They have had some minor edits, but are by no means finished. They should be read for fun and interest.

Trigger Warnings:
Chronic illness, mentions of violence

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3


“He’s not in here either!”

Asharos scowled and planted his fists against his hips. He tapped his toes against the smooth metal flooring. “Find him! He can’t have gone far, not in……