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Custom Doll – Starwave

Character: Guardian Starwave
Series: Stars of Destiny
Doll base: Spirit Riding Free Pru (brought new)
Hair: Dollyhair Poison Ivy
Paints: white, black, teal, metallic blue topaz
Date completed: April 17, 2020

I finished her late last night but didn’t have anywhere with decent enough lighting to take pictures. With this, the set of Guardians is now complete.

Initially I was going to……

Custom Doll – Starleaf

Character: Guardian Starleaf
Series: Stars of Destiny
Doll base: WWE Superstars Charlotte Flair (bought new) 
Hair: Dollyhair Envy
Paints: white, black, fresh foliage, extreme glitter 
Date complete: April 17, 2020

I need wider tubing to make her armband but otherwise she’s done. This is my first complete doll using pencils instead of paints to do the face. I still need to……

Custom Doll – Starwind

Character: Guardian Starwind
Series: Stars of Destiny
Doll base: Ever After High Apple White (bought second hand)
Hair: Dollyhair Water nixie
Paints: white, black, light blue, metallic ice blue, teal
Date completed: April 12, 2020

My third complete doll. I had to repaint half her face after styling her hair. There’s something not quite right with my sealant. It doesn’t seem……

Custom Doll – Soulstar

Character: Soulstar
Series: Stars of Destiny
Doll base: Monster High Spectra Vondergeist (bought second hand) 
Hair: doll’s original hair 
Paints: white, black, metallic amethyst, African violet, skin tone 
Date completed: April 7, 2020

With fabric and craft stores closed down its a lot harder to do things. She’s not complete as I don’t have anything that would work for her armbands…….

Custom Doll – Starfire

Character: Guardian Starfire
Series: Stars of Destiny
Doll base: DC Super Hero Girls Bat Girl Action Doll (found second hand)
Hair: Tiger Lily from Dollyhair.com

While Starfire isn’t the first one of the set that I started working on, she’s the first one finished. I stared with Starwind first but ran out of hair so I had to order……