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OCeptember day 14

This was where things got a little odd. The prompt is historical/fantasy AU. Most of my OCs are fantasy so that didn’t work and drawing them in historical clothing felt weird. So here we have Phaeton again in a sort of fantasy-ish outfit.

OCeptember day 13

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OCeptember Day 01

I’m working on the OCeptember challenge. This is going to be a little weird as I’m not sticking to any one set of OCs

The prompt for day 01 is Favourite OC. I had to give this one some thought but that title goes to Phaeton. She began her existence as a Sailormoon fan character but……

Custom Doll – Sailorphaeton

Character: Sailorphaeton

Series: Sailormoon/Stars of Destiny

Doll base: WWE Superstars Eva Marie Doll (bought new)
Hair: Dollyhair Saran Wildfire Auburn

Date completed: April 25, 2020

In theory, she’s an easy design. In practice she was really hard. 50% of her difficulty was the boots. 40% was figuring out how to make her clothing removable. I went through four different……