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PotW – Alpha Draft

Warning: The following chapters are still in development and do not represent the final version. They have had some minor edits, but are by no means finished. They should be read for fun and interest.

Trigger Warnings:
Chronic illness, mentions of violence

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Chapter 2


Two days passed without incident. This only aggravated Asharos. He stalked the corridors of the enclave with a scowl etched into his pale face. Most of his followers had the good sense to……


“He’s not in here either!”

Asharos scowled and planted his fists against his hips. He tapped his toes against the smooth metal flooring. “Find him! He can’t have gone far, not……

Chapter 1

“Please state your name for the record.”

The young man blinked into the harsh yellow light, his throat convulsing as he swallowed, making the ugly bruise on his neck dance…….