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Ruler: Duchess Antar’keth’jaal’ipeldri clan Ju’kep’tri’ves
Seat: Shinning Palace

Ju’shal’long has a tropical climate. Largely, the island consists of woods and prairies with a large chain of mountains running the entire length of the island.

Dal’jun – located in the Shenju province on Ju’shal’long. Like most buildings constructed by the Shai’then, the buildings are constructed out of stone…….


Shai’then have golden skin. Males have a deeper, duskier tone.

Instead of hair they sport a crest of feathers the same shade as their wings. Females have a single colour while men have two.

Their wings sprout from the underside of their arms, leaving their hands free. Hands have four digits.

The women stand between 5 and……