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Territory of Origin: Salcreria
Trivia: The plural form of the word is wyndchilds.


An average wyndchild can move at a speed of 95 km/h on the ground. In flight, they travel at 125 km/h. Carrying a passenger,……


Territory of Origin: Vileshte Island
Trivia: these massive wolf-like animals are most closely associated with the Sisterhood of Sword and Sorcery

Habitat: lower woodlands

Gender and age distinctions
Group: pack

Size of litter: 3-5
Type of offspring:……

Aurannian Fox

Territory of Origin: Nomadic territory of Aurann
Trivia: They’re the official mascot of Aurann. Every Aurannian Tal’jeerann has had at least one as a pet.

General Personality Traits: Unlike many canids, they’re not always pack animals…….


Territory of Origin: Salcreria, Tula’tevenn Province, Nomad Territories
Trivia: Often kept as pets

Intelligence: They’re smart and capable of speech via telepathy.
Habitat: They are common to most regions,……


Second in size, they are quite similar in appearance to the ivenkli. The fans on the side of their heads serve as protectors to the vulnerable part of the neck where it connects to the head. The fans are made of bone with a……


Males and females are easy to distinguish as the males are smaller in size, not growing much beyond 28 hands at the shoulder. They have pale grey wingsails and black talons. Males……


Alpunn are covered in a hide that feels like very soft skin. Over that skin is a fluffy layer of fur that is very thick and rests over an insulating layer of……


Vukann have arms that curve inwards, giving them a slightly bow legged appearance from the front. The hands have three clawed fingers on the front and one on that back that looks……


Seqenn have large scales that have a slight gleam to them, though they aren’t as shiny as the scales of a tian. They have two horns on their head that run……


These dragons have a soft hide covering their bodies. Their heads sport a three pronged crest that looks more like three horns. One prong runs over the top of the head while……